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Blue's Clues & You! s a live-action/animated interactive educational children's television series. It is a reboot of the original 1996 Blue's Clues TV series with a new host, Joshua Dela Cruz. The show co-developed the original series created by Angela C. Santomero and Traci Paige Johnson. The series got produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and 9 Story Media Group's Brown Bag Films. It premiered on November 11, 2019.[1]


Similar to the original 1996 series, this series has a live-action host in an animated world. The series features new productional designs, and the characters (aside from the host) are animated digitally, though the visual style remains similar to the layout used in the original series.

Like the original show, Blue's Clues & You! depended upon built-in silences designed to encourage audience participation and what The New York Times called direct address inviting preschoolers to play along with games and solve mini-mysteries.[2] The show's producers recognized that its return was due to 1990s nostalgia and that although young children had more access to technology and were more visual than preschoolers in the 1990s, they still had the same developmental and emotional needs to slow down.[2]

Cast and characters


  • Blue (voiced by Traci Paige Johnson) – A blue puppy who leaves pawprints on objects as clues to what she wants to say.
  • Josh (played by Joshua Dela Cruz) – The host of the new series. He is a cousin of Steve and Joe from the original series.
  • Mailbox (voiced by Doug Murray) - A mailbox that delivers a letter or e-mail to Josh every day.
  • Sidetable Drawer (voiced by Liyou Abere) - The keeper of the Handy Dandy Notebook, who lives in the living room.
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (voiced by Brad Adamson and Gisele Rousseau) - A married couple of condiment dispensers live in the kitchen.
  • Paprika (voiced by Shechinah Mpumlwana) - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's eldest child. She carries a cell phone made from a piece of bread.
  • Cinnamon (voiced by Jaiden Cannatelli) - A cinnamon shaker who is Paprika's younger brother. He wears a baseball cap.
  • Ginger and Sage - Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's newborn twins. Paprika and Cinnamon are learning how to take care of them.
  • Shovel and Pail (voiced by Leo Orgil and Jordana Blake) - A brother and sister who live in the backyard.
  • Tickety Tock (voiced by Ava Augustin) - An alarm clock that wakes the residents of the Blue's Clues house each morning.
  • Slippery Soap (voiced by Jacob Soley) - A bar of soap who lives in the bathroom sink. He slides around everywhere he goes.


  • Magenta (voiced by Diana Selema) - A magenta puppy who is Blue's best friend from school. She first appears in the episode "Playdate with Magenta."
  • Steve (played by Steve Burns) - Josh's cousin, a college graduate who works at the Blue Prints Detective Agency (a nod to the title of the pilot for the original series). He was the first host of the original series.
  • Joe (played by Donovan Patton) - Josh's other cousin, who works at the Present Store. He was the second host of the original series.


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