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Chase is a major character in PAW Patrol.


Using his police truck and megaphone, this German Shepherd Dog is an athletic natural leader who likes to take charge. Chase may be on the case, but he has to watch out for cats and feathers because he is allergic.


Chase has brown fur covering his body, with lighter brown/tan fur on his face, and on his paws. He has a long beaver-like tail. When wearing his normal outfit, he has a blue police hat with a yellow trim and black bill. His vest and pup pack are blue, with three yellow chevrons on each side, usually the rank of a police sergeant. When wearing his Super-Spy gear, he wears a blue helmet, shoes, and a vest, all of which have a lime green trim. His Super Spy helmet also has a visor when needed. His shoes have suction cups which can be deployed to use as wall-walkers.


Chase appears in every episode of PAW Patrol. He debuted in "Pups Make a Splash."

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