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Gardening for Kids with Madi is a short-form show that aired on Nick Jr. Australia. It is a follow-up to Cooking for Kids with Luis.



Madi encourages other kids to get in the backyard and discover the fun of gardening and being active outdoors.


  • Madi is a green-thumbed girl who hosts the show. She loves gardening because she likes to learn about different plants.
  • Naomi is Madi's cousin.
  • Starsky is Madi's pet rabbit.


20 shorts were made.

List of shorts

  • Tools for the Garden
  • Grow Your Salad
  • Rock Garden for a Rock Concert
  • At the Nursery
  • Making Compost
  • Working Bee
  • Big Ideas for a Little Garden
  • Botanic Gardens Adventure
  • Sandpit for Conor
  • Off to the Show
  • Native Plants
  • Cubby with Dad and Cam
  • Worm Farm
  • Herbs Herbs Herbs
  • The Great Glass Pyramid
  • Garden for the School Yard
  • Rabbit Hutch for Starsky
  • Flower Market
  • A Visit to the Orchard
  • Bird Bath


The show had its own page on the Nick Jr. Australia website.

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