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Joe is a main character in Blue's Clues.


Joe is Steve's younger and taller brother and is Blue's second caregiver. When Steve leaves for college on a hopscotch scholarship, Joe stays with Blue and becomes the new host for the rest of the original series (which means seasons 5 and 6). Joe loves squares, just like the ones on his shirt, and can't wait to play a game of Blue's Clues. Like Steve, Joe's favorite color is green.


Joe's skin is a peach color. He has brown hair. His shirts' colors vary, though they all have the same square pattern.


Joe appeared in 48 episodes of Blue's Clues; starting from the last three episodes of Season 4. Joe appeared in every episode of Seasons 5 and 6. Joe's first appearance was in "Joe's First Day," and his last appearance was in "Bluestock." He also crossed on over to the Blue's Room spin-off.


  • Joe is left-handed in the series.
  • He is the only host who isn't named after his actor.
  • He is the only host to wear different colored shirts. His shirts are orange, green, blue, yellow, red, and purple. Steve always wears a green shirt and Josh always wears a blue shirt.
    • If he wore the color Indigo, then he would've worn all seven colors of the rainbow.
    • If he wore the colors Black, White and Pink, then he would've worn all of the colors on the wrapping of the crayons he used throughout the series.
  • During the summer of 2002, he hosted Nick Jr. with the shorts, Summer with Joe.
  • Joe's notebook is shaped like the thinking chair.
  • Although he is younger, Joe is taller than Steve by 5 inches (He is 6 feet tall).
  • When Donovan auditioned for the show, he had no idea that he was auditioning for a kid's show. He thought he was auditioning for a show that involves the blues.
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