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The following is a list of main & recurring characters in the Blue's Clues series.



  • Blue is a blue puppy who leaves clues around the Blue's Clues house regularly. She got voiced by Traci Paige Johnson.
  • Steve is the host for the first four seasons. He got played by Steve Burns.
  • Joe is Steve's brother and the host for the final two seasons. He got played by Donovan Patton.
  • Mailbox is a joke-loving mailbox that delivers the mail every day. He got voiced by Seth O'Hickory.
  • Mr. Salt is a French salt shaker who prepares snacks in the kitchen. He got voiced by Nick Balaban.
  • Mrs. Pepper is Mr. Salt's wife. She got voiced by Penelope Jewkes (season 1) and Spencer Kayden (seasons 2-7).
  • Paprika is the only daughter of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. She got voiced by Jenna Marie Castle (seasons 1-3) and Corrine Hoffman (seasons 4-7).
  • Tickety is Blue's alarm clock, who loves to count. She got voiced by Kathryn Avery and Kelly Nigh.
  • Slippery is a bar of soap, which is always sliding around. He got voiced by Cody Ross Pitts (seasons 1-3) and Patrick Van Wagnen (seasons 4-7).
  • Shovel is a playful shovel. He got voiced by Stephen Schmidt (seasons 1-3), Jonathan Press (seasons 4-5), and Thomas Sharkey (seasons 6-7).
  • Pail is Shovel's sister. She got voiced by Marshall Claffy (seasons 1-3), Olivia Zaro (season 3), Julia Wetherell (seasons 3-5), and Nicole Gibson (seasons 6-7).
  • Sidetable is the keeper of the Handy Dandy Notebook. She got voiced by LaNaé Allen.


  • Magenta is a magenta dog and one of Blue's friends. She got voiced by Koyalee Chanda.
  • Periwinkle is a cat who lives next door. He got voiced by Cameron Bowen (season 3), Kenny Kim (seasons 4-5), and Jansen Panettiere (seasons 6-7).
  • Cinnamon is Paprika's younger brother. He got voiced by Annalivia Balaban.
  • The Felt Friends are children made of felt who live in a picture frame.
  • Snail is a pink snail who appears in the background of episodes.
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