The following is a list of main and recurring characters in the The Backyardigans series.


Main characters

  • Uniqua is an adventurous creature known as a "Uniqua," and the only character to appear in every episode. Her speaking voice is provided by LaShawn Tináh Jefferies.
  • Pablo is a frenetic penguin, who is often afraid to try new things. His speaking voice is provided by Zach Tyler Eisen (season 1-2) and Jake Goldberg (seasons 2-4).
  • Tyrone is an easygoing, affable moose. His speaking voice is provided by Reginald Davis (seasons 1), Jordan Coleman (seasons 2-3) and Chris Grant (season 4).
  • Tasha is a somewhat bossy hippo. Her speaking voice is provided by Naelee Rae (seasons 1-2) and Gianna Bruzzese (seasons 2-4).
  • Austin is the "new kangaroo on the block." He is quick-witted and somewhat shy. His speaking voice is provided by Jonah Bobo.

Recurring characters

  • Sherman is a small and occasionally shy Worman. He is voiced by Reginald Davis in season one and Oliver Wyman in season four.
  • Dragon is, as his name implies, a green dragon owned by King Pablo. He is voiced by Oliver Wyman.
  • Wormans are various worm-like creatures living in the backyard. They are voiced by Oliver Wyman.
  • Robot Roscoe is a well-behaved robot owned by Austin. He appears only in the fourth season.
  • The giant robot is an unnamed robot made of silver. He appears in the third and fourth seasons.
  • The Can't-See-Ums are small insects that are extremely difficult to see.
  • The giant clam is a large, sea-dwelling mollusk who pants and acts like a dog.
  • The announcer is an unseen narrator whose voice is heard in four episodes of the series.
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