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The following shows a list of episodes from the Wonder Pets! series.


Season 1 (2006-2007)

  1. Save the Dolphin!/Save the Chimp!
  2. Save the Tree!/Save the Elephant!
  3. Save the Unicorn/Save the Penguin!
  4. Save the Duckling!/Save the Kitten!
  5. Save the Pigeon!/Save the Dinosaur!
  6. Save the Caterpillar!/Save the Crane!
  7. Save the Cow!/Save the Skunk!
  8. Save the Swan!/Save the Puppy!
  9. Save the Sea Lions!/Save the Kangaroo!
  10. Save the Panda!/Save the Mouse!
  11. Save the Wonder Pets!
  12. Save the Camel!/Save the Ants!
  13. Save the Hedgehog!/Save the Crocodile!
  14. Save the Egg!/Save the Flamingo!
  15. Save the Bullfrog!/Save the Poodle!
  16. Save the Sheep!/Save the Hermit Crab!
  17. Save the Reindeer!
  18. Save the Black Kitten!/Save the Yak, Pig, and the Dancing Bear!
  19. Save the Goldfish!/Save the Baby Birds!
  20. Save the Three Little Pigs!/Save the Owl!

Season 2 (2007–2008)

  1. Save the Beetles!/3 Wonder Pets and a Baby!
  2. Save the Armadillo!/Save the Itsy Bitsy Spider!
  3. Save the Gecko!/Save the What?
  4. Save the Griffin!/Save the Rooster!
  5. Here's Ollie!/Save the Visitor!
  6. Save the Bee!/Save the Squirrel!
  7. Save the Chameleon!/Save the Platypus!
  8. Save the Dragon!/Save the Beaver!
  9. Save the Ladybug!/Save the Sea Turtle!
  10. Save the Goslings!/Ollie to the Rescue!
  11. Save Little Red Riding Hood!/Save the Turtle!
  12. Off to School!/Save the Pirate Parrot!
  13. Save the Bengal Tiger!
  14. Join the Circus!
  15. Save the Nutcracker!
  16. Save the Pangaroo!/Save the Cricket!
  17. Save the Old White Mouse!/The Adventures of Bee and Slug!
  18. Save the Rat Pack!/Save the Fiddler Crab on the Roof!
  19. Save the Hound Dog!/Save The Glowworm!
  20. Kalamazoo!/Save the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon!

Season 3 (2009–2016)

  1. Save the Cool Cat & the Hip Hippo!/Tuck and Buck!
  2. The Amazing Ollie!/Help the Monster!
  3. A Job Well Done!/Save the Rhino!
  4. Save the Raccoon!/Save the Loch Ness Monster!
  5. Save the Honey Bears!/Save the Stinkbug!
  6. Save the Mermaid!/Save the Pony Express!
  7. Help the Easter Bunny!/Save the Visitor's Birthday Party!
  8. Save the Lovebugs!/Save the Skunk Rocker!
  9. How It All Began!
  10. Happy Mother's Day/Save the Sun Bear!
  11. Adventures in Wonderland!
  12. Save the Moose in the Caboose!/Climb Everest!
  13. Save the Dancing Duck!/Save the Dalmatian!
  14. Help the Groundhog!/Help the Lion Cub!
  15. In the Land of Oz
  16. Save the Bat!/Save the Acting Donkey!
  17. Save Humpty Dumpty!/Save the Meerkats!
  18. Save the Rock Lobster!/Help the Houseguest!
  19. Back to Kalamazoo!/Bee and Slug Underground!
  20. The Bigger the Better!/Help Little Bo Peep!
  21. Save the Genie!


  • Episodes with a forward slash contains 2 segments.
  • The ones without one is a full half-hour episode.
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