Nick Jr. on TMF
Nick Jr. on TMF
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Premiered (TMF)
31 October 2002
Closed (TMF)
26 October 2009
Children's programming block
2 hours

Nick Jr. on TMF, was a preschool programming block for TMF Network.

Broadcasting and Programming

Nick Jr on TMF had replaced the strand Noggin on 25 September 2006, but its programming has remained identical. It used the same ident and presentation package as its main sister, Nick Jr. Programmes shown included LazyTown, Dora the Explorer, Thomas & Friends, and The Backyardigans amongst others.

Noggin started broadcasting in 2009 after replacing the former Nick Jr. on TMF block. The final set of programmes shown were Go Diego Go!, Dora the Explorer, Little Bear and Maggie & The Ferocious Beast. It was a children's television SLOT broadcast on TMF from 07:00 to 09:00 daily.