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The Upside Down Show is an Australian-American television series produced by Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop for Noggin. The show mainly aired on Noggin, with one episode shown on the main Nickelodeon channel as a sneak peek.


In an odd apartment with an endless amount of strange rooms, two brothers named David and Shane live with their roommate Puppet, their neighbor Mrs. Foil, and a group of pets called the Schmuzzies. In every story, the brothers try to find their way to a brand-new place outside of the apartment, but they take many wrong turns. To help them on their quests, David and Shane give the viewers an imaginary remote control that can affect their world. The remote has a vast array of peculiar buttons that sometimes help them reach their destination, but more often than not, the remote causes trouble.


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The series focuses on David, his brother Shane, the boys' neighbor Mrs. Foil, the pair's roommate Puppet and their pets, the Schmuzzies.


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One season, consisting of thirteen episodes, was produced.

The Upside Down Show
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